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On 11-12-13 representatives from the Huron Conservation District and the US Fish and Wildlife came to discuss some of the issues with the grant to spray and remove phragmities from the shore.  A memorandum of Understanding must be signed by land owners. This understanding is that the landowner will be responsible to maintain their property for 10 years. The district is looking for a group to take the lead, Bay Port Chamber was approached because they have already started to spray areas around the shore. The District will assist whenever they are needed. Target date to get started is June 1st, 2013.

The grant is a match grant but you will not be expected to give money, the match funds would come from having information meetings, contacting people, mileage. Anyone involved must keep track of hours and mileage. We can set an example and more grants could be obtained.

Only expense for landowner for 2yrs would be to cut and burn, but could done as a group or neighborhood.

Spraying of herbicide is paid in full for 2 yrs.

A committee will be assembled to discuss how far down the shore and who will be involved is Jim Stein & Roger Vollmer

Any new information will be posted.



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