2017 Bay Port Festival King & Queen

Official Rules 

1. Contestants must live in the Sebewaing, Caseville or Fairhaven areas or attend/ have attended Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker Schools.

2. Candidates must be at least entering their senior year of high school or up to 21 years of age before the festival and unmarried with no dependents

3. Candidates must complete the application form.

4. The candidates are required to attend an interview.

5. During the interview, judges, from outside the community, will ask the candidates a series of questions and the candidates will be judged by their responses to these questions.  There will be at least 3, but no more than 5 judges.

6. The King & Queen will be required to ride on the Chamber float in the following parades:


Bay Port Fish Sandwich Festival (August 2017)


Elkton Autumn Festival (Labor Day Weekend 2017)


Michigan Sugar Festival in (June 2018)


Pigeon Farmer's Festival (July 2018)

7. If unable to obtain transportation to the parades, or unable to attend for any reason, they are responsible for contacting the president of the chamber to discuss alternatives

8. The King and Queen will be required to crown their successors in the following year.

9. The King & Queen will be required to work under the fish tent for at least 3 hours on Saturday August, 5th.

10. The King & Queen will be required to be on the grounds and available on Sunday August, 6th.